This List of Screenwriting Competitions and Services Provide Top Coverage For Your Script​

This List of Screenwriting Competitions and Services Provide Top Coverage For Your Script

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By Jen B.

Aspiring screenwriters are always looking for screenwriting feedback in any form. They seek guidance from professionals – whether they’re industry insiders, other screenwriters, or script readers – to improve their writing and refine their craft. The process of reviewing a screenplay, analyzing its every element and scene, with the goal of improving its quality is called screenplay coverage.

So take notes about these rules and write your screenplay to compete in a short screenplay contest.

Screenplay coverage is a core stage of developing any script. In Hollywood, production companies have professional script readers, agents, and managers whose job is to provide feedback on spec scripts to make them better on every level including plot development, character analysis, and dialogue. Now before you apply to the following list of screenwriting competitions or services to receive your personalized coverage, it’s important to note that feedback does not mean positive reviews, it does not mean proofreading your script for you, and it most certainly does not mean transforming your script to a guaranteed winner. Screenplay coverage only gives you a few tips and pointers on how to improve your work. It does not do your work for you. Don’t rush into it believing it has the ultimate answer to all of your problems, it does not. It’s there to help. That’s all.

We want to help too and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of screenwriting competitions and other paid services that provide the best coverage for your screenplay.

Screenwriting Competitions

The good thing about submitting your script to screenwriting competitions is that you automatically get feedback that’s covered by your entry fee. Sometimes they can provide extra deeper analysis for an additional cost as well. The important thing is to stay alert and follow the deadlines for the following contests. Depending on when you submit your script, the entry fee varies. There are early bird, standard, and late deadlines. The fees stated in the list are all for feature script submissions.

Atlanta Screenplay Awards

This screenwriting competition has been running for four years, and it accepts scripts for shorts, features, and TV pilots. Winners in the feature category win more than $1,000 in addition to meeting industry professionals. 

Austin Film Festival

This one needs no introduction. Austin Film Festival is one of the most famous events in the film industry. Their screenplay awards are genre-based, with drama, comedy, horror, and sci-fi categories. All entries get some reader comments on their work but the more you advance in the competition, the more detailed the feedback you’ll receive.

Austin Film Festival also provides a separate coverage program (out of competition) which offers analysis, notes, loglines, synopses, and ratings for scripts. So even if you don’t want to submit your script to the official contest, you can try out their coverage program to get feedback on your work.

Follow these steps to keep your audience engaged in your story. Once you have written your short film do some screenplay proofreading to ensure you have written a good product. After you revise your first draft, do not hesitate to send your short film screenplay for a competition.

Chicago Screenplay Awards

Established two years ago, the Chicago Screenplay Awards accepts entries for features, shorts, and TV. Winners not only get cash prizes, but they are introduced to screenwriting managers and get the chance to meet several producers from within the industry.

Miami Screenplay Awards

Miami Screenplay Awards accept all genres for features, shorts, and TV. In addition to the standard feedback given to all entries, you can apply for further analysis by industry professionals for an extra fee.
NYC International Screenplay Awards
Among the most prestigious screenplay awards, NYCISA promises great prizes and glory to its winners. The cash prize aside, winners get free screenwriting courses and coverage as well as accessing the US film industry through famous networks. However, feedback fees are separate from entry fees.

Paid Screenplay Coverage Services

Bulletproof Script Coverage

This service has a delivery time of 5 days and offers at least 3 pages of notes for your script. It’s owned by Indie Film Hustle. If you visit their website, you can easily check the bios of their script readers and see their long and diverse experience. They’ve covered scripts for famous networks like HBO and NBC, as well as major studios like Sony and Marvel.

Prices: silver package for $99, gold package for $190

Coverage, Ink

If you use this service, you’re guaranteed 5 pages or more of detailed analysis of your script, completed by experts whose clients include both young screenwriters still making their way in the world as well as famous production companies. They deliver coverage in around 10 days but can speed up the process to 5 or even 2 days, if requested.

Prices: standard analysis for $129, pro analysis for $295

Industrial Scripts

Imagine getting feedback on your script from someone who used to consult two of the biggest companies in the industry: Warner Bros and Paramount. This is who you’re dealing with at Industrial Scripts which was established in the UK in 2010 by a former script reader who worked with screenwriters at these two companies.

Prices: short film reports for $95, full feature film coverage for $180


ScreenCraft is one of the most well known names out there when it comes to anything screenwriting-related. Their screenplay development services range from feedback on the first 10 pages of your script to full coverage to a month-long development consultation. Delivery time is around 5 days.

Prices: full feedback ranges from $125 to $295

Script Reader Pro

Script Reader Pro is known for its quick delivery time (only 48 hours), thorough feedback from professional screenwriters, and personalized plans to help you sell your script. You get to have a look at available script readers and choose one whose experience matches your genre or style.

Prices: basic coverage for $169, deluxe coverage for $449

Shore Scripts

Another service from the UK, Shore Scripts offers 5 pages of detailed screenwriting feedback, as well as proofreading services with a delivery time of 3-10 days. Their readers have work experience in major studios like BBC, Universal, and Lionsgate.

Prices: basic coverage for $125, deep development for $225


Like ScreenCraft, WeScreenplay is owned by Red Ampersand company. Its major advantage is speed of delivery. WeScreenplay has professional script readers with experience in Hollywood who deliver coverage in 3 days or less. They offer different packages with varying services. Their most basic plan consists of 5 pages of notes, a score out of 10, and analysis of plot and character among others.

Prices: basic plan for $69, full plan for $99, and premium plan for $199

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