Screenplay Contest Testimonials

The Miami Screenplay Awards is all about providing value for screenwriters. The quality of our partnerships, analysis, and opportunities is a testament to our commitment to screenwriters. Below is just a few satisfied screenwriters who have passed through our program. Check out what our writers have to say. 

Laura MurphyScreenwriter

I’ll never forget this experience… It was like rocket fuel for my career. Everything really started coming together after the meeting and your team completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much!

James Christie-MillerScreenwriter

A great screenwriting competition, with really constructive and thoughtful feedback on the script I entered, and fantastic communication throughout the whole process. Thanks guys!

Jovana MitrovicScreenwriter

I appreciate everything your team has done. The analysis was extremely thoughtful (I was surprised by how thorough it was) and the acknowledgement of the rewrites was very comforting. It’s great to know that someone is reading my material and responding.

Alan FosterScreenwriter

Best feedback I have ever gotten. I’ll be doing the rewrite and resubmitting before the final deadline. Thanks!

Tim SandersonScreenwriter

The experience of being part of your contest has been a true honor. I’ve been so disappointed with other contests taking my money and giving me nothing. You exceeded my expectations with the great communication and amazing analysis. Will be entering again in the future!

Alice ElliotScreenwriter

Thank you so much! It was an honor meeting you and the team. The script got optioned (which I totally credit you for) so crossing my fingers. I’m telling everyone about you guys… by far the best competition I’ve ever been part of.

Hiro FukazawaScreenwriter

Thanks so much for your taking the time to review my screenplay and providing me with such thoughtful analysis. I mean that sincerely. Your insightful comments are very useful. Can’t wait to read the analysis for my other scripts. Grateful for everything.