What happens when you enter your script?


Over the years, we have refined our scoring process, coming up with the best way to keep our scoring as accurate as possible. Below is our process:

1. Your script is entered into our database and assigned to a genre specific analyst.

Your script is automatically entered into our private database, organized by date. Your script is then assigned to a pool of genre specific analysts who attend to scripts in the order they are received. Typically, your script will enter the analysis process within 72 hours.

2. The analyst reads your script cover to cover and provides detailed analysis.

Your genre specific analyst will read your script from cover to cover and provide a detailed synopsis (2-3 pages), along with an analysis of multiple elements of your screenplay, including but not limited to: structure, character, dialogue, theme, pace, marketability, formatting, and ease of read. The reader’s analysis is then uploaded into our private database and forwarded to the jury pool.

3. Every member of the jury carefully reviews the synopsis and feedback.

Jury members carefully analyze the detailed synopsis and feedback, making their own assessment based on the thorough analysis provided. Each jury member then formulates their own score according to the analysis and enters it into our private database. The screenplay is then scored based on a cumulative median score from each of the reviewing jury members.

4. Your feedback or analysis is returned.

If you ordered a Standard Entry, your script will receive a page of feedback. If you ordered Full Analysis, you will receive the full 5+ pages of studio style analysis.

This is our quality control process. By having multiple professionals analyze your material, we find that the standard deviation on script scores is drastically decreased and therefore much more consistent than all other methods we have encountered. This is a key component in our mission to provide the absolute best value and fairness to our screenwriters, and awarding the highest scored script through a truly democratic process.